Tips for Picking the Perfect Dress for your Photo Session

Alright, I'm going to be honest here.... I LOVE taking photos of other people, but getting in front of the camera myself....GROAN! Since I'm determined to take family photos with EVERYONE in the picture this year, I need a new dress. I get a lot of questions from moms about finding outfits for their sessions, so I'm putting together a guide to help you find the perfect dress for your family photo session.

Mama, Pick your outfit first!

Moms spend so much time and effort making sure everyone else has what they need. For your photo sessions, pick your outfit first! You can find clothes for everyone else based on what you are wearing. I want you to ADORE your family portraits, and that starts with loving the way YOU look in them.

Colors that Photograph Well

Choose a dress with a soft pattern or texture. Soft patterns are smaller prints where there isn't much of a color difference between the print and the dress. From a distance, it will look solid. If you want to go with a solid color, smocking or lace adds a nice texture and interest to your photo.

Popular colors are going to change over the years, but right now, I'm loving natural, muted colors. These colors will look beautiful at any location, and your portraits are not going to clash with the decor in your home. Remember, our goal is to get photos you'll love to hang on your wall, so we need to be mindful of how the colors look in your space.

Colors that are very bright or bold will reflect on your skin, causing it to look discolored. Although black is a slimming color, it does not photograph well. It makes your final images look dark, and tends to make arms, legs, and your body blend together. If everyone wears black, you'll look like a big blob.... not good!

Flattering Dress Styles

When I'm looking for a dress, I'm paying attention to the silhouette, the length, the sleeves, and the color. If you love what you see, click the photo to be taken to the retailer's website. If you would like more examples, check out my pinterest boards.

Dresses for Family Photos

Family outfit ideas

How you look and feel is the most important thing to remember when you're picking your outfit for your family photos. Find something that fits your personality, that you are confident and comfortable in, and that makes you feel like the beautiful woman you are!


A-line or fit and flare dresses are universally flattering. This style of dress is going to have a fitted bodice and a full skirt. I love a flowy skirt because it gives beautiful movement in your photos! Look for a dress with a bodice that hits at or slightly above the smallest part of your waist.

Photo: Baltic Born


I love flowy maxi dresses because they photograph beautifully. With our crazy wind, I want you to focus on playing with your kiddos, and short dresses are difficult to keep in place!

Photo: Landry Kate


When I'm in photos, I'm always self conscious of how my arms look. For a flattering dress, I'm going to pick something with a longer, loose sleeve. Covering areas that you want to hide will help you be more comfortable in your photos, and help you focus on what is most important: your family!

Photo: Baltic Born


Stick with light, neutral colors and simple patterns or textures. Dark and bright colors will reflect on your skin, causing your color to look off. Bold patterns can be distracting in your photos. Stick to colors like ivory, gray-blue, or pale pink.

Photo: Baltic Born

I'm here to help!

I include outfit guidance and planning for all of my photo sessions. I will recommend colors and styles that will fit your location, and I can give feedback if you already have outfits in mind. My goal is to make getting ready for your session easy, so you can focus on loving on your sweet family.

Bluebonnet Sessions

I have a limited availability for bluebonnet mini sessions. These will take place in April on a private family farm in Farmersville, Tx.

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Bluebonnet Sessions

I have a limited availability for bluebonnet mini sessions. These will take place in April on a private family farm in Farmersville, Tx.

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