It's Bluebonnet Season in north texas!

Early spring is my absolute favorite time of the year. Once the bluebonnets start to bloom, it finally feels like winter is on it's way out, and warmer weather is coming. It always seems like we go from gloomy, brown landscape to bright green grass and budding trees overnight. I LOVE IT!

If you're gearing up to have your photos done in the bluebonnets, but you're not sure what outfits to pick, you're in the right place!

Start with outfits you already own and love, and build from there.

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My Bluebonnet sessions are located on a private farm in Farmersville, a small town north-east of Dallas

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Bluebonnet Mini Session - April 2023

First, Let's talk about what NOT to wear

Clothes with stains and tears

For classic photos that you'll love for years, make sure everyone has clean clothes without stains or tears. Iron your clothes beforehand so they aren't overly wrinkled. If you have small children, it may be best to change them when you get to the farm.

Large Logos or bold patterns

These are distracting and take the focus away from your family. Solid colors and subtle patterns are best. Limit patterns to one person in your group.

Very Bright, Neon, or Bold Colors

My goal for every session is to provide photos you want to hang on your walls in your home. Neutral colors are going to give a timeless feel and match with your home decor. Clothes that are very bright will reflect on your skin, causing your coloring to look off.

What to wear for your bluebonnet photos

If you're taking bluebonnet photos with the whole family, I always suggest for Mom to pick her outfit first. In most cases, women are the most critical of how they look in photos. Mom, I want you to feel gorgeous, and that starts with picking an outfit you love. There are so many styles of dresses for ladies, so I dedicated a whole blog post to it! Check it out here:

Tips for picking a dress for your photo session

Once you have your first outfit selected, build all of the others from there. If the outfit has a pattern, pick your other clothes by pulling colors from that one. Here are a few simple guidelines that will help you build family outfits that will result in timeless bluebonnet photos you'll love.

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Think Simple

The bluebonnets add a lot of texture to the photos, so it's best to minimize patterns in your outfits. Avoid large prints and logos.

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Choose Soft, Light Colors

Since it is spring, lighter pastels are my go-to colors.

  • Yellows are a beautiful compliment to the blue in the flowers.
  • Corals, salmon, or pink make bright, fun photos.
  • White, cream, and blue are perfect for a classic look.
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Not Everyone Has to Match

Let's leave the matching white polos and blue jeans in the 90's where they belong! Instead of having every person wear the exact same thing, pick a few coordinating colors.

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Don't Forget Shoes

The flowers are going to be knee-deep on children, so boots or closed-toe shoes are best. When you're in the flowers, watch for critters and fire ants!

If you're looking for more guidance, check out my pinterest board for spring family outfits

Spring Family Outfit Ideas

Finding outfits for your whole family can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Make sure your clothes are simple and comfortable, and you love the way you look in them. If you still have questions, reach out! I would love to help you find the perfect outfits for your family bluebonnet photos.

Bluebonnet Mini Session - April 2023

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Every year, I offer a limited number of bluebonnet mini sessions, but they book up quickly! My bluebonnet sessions take place on a private farm in Farmersville, a small town north east of Dallas.

My friends started spreading bluebonnet seeds years ago, and I really think these are the best bluebonnets in north Texas!

Bluebonnets typically peak during the first two weeks of April

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