you're ready to book your session, but now you have to decide

Full Session or Mini?

If it's your first time booking a professional portrait session, all of the session types can be overwhelming! I'm going to break down my different session types, and lay out why you might pick each one. If you're still unsure of which session type is right for you, feel free to reach out!


Full vs Mini....


What's the difference?


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Mini Sessions


A mini session is a discounted session offered at a specific location, date, and time. They are short 10-15 minute sessions, and include a small number of downloads. They are a great value because I schedule multiple sessions at the same location, back to back.

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Full Sessions

Full sessions are scheduled at your selected date, time, and location. There is no set time limit, because each session is so custom. They include preconsultation to discuss your vision for your portraits. After your session, I'll custom curate heirloom artwork and order your favorites for you. They also offer rescheduling flexibility.

Whether you choose a full or a mini session, my goal is to deliver a beautiful gallery of images you love!

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Outdoor Mini Session

These are typically my most budget-friendly sessions. They are offered at a gorgeous seasonal setting. In the spring, I offer bluebonnet mini sessions in Farmersville. In the fall, I pick a location with easy access and beautiful lighting. Outdoor seasonal mini sessions are perfect if you want affordable family portraits and individual photos of your kiddos. I try to get a good mix of posed and candid photos so you'll have variety in your gallery. A limited number of downloads are included in the session fee, but you'll also have the option of purchasing additional photos or the entire gallery.

If you're just looking for an updated family portrait, an outdoor mini session is perfect for you!

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Studio Mini Session

I typically offer studio mini sessions near Christmas time. There are several local studios that have beautiful seasonal set-ups. These sessions will be slightly more expensive than outdoor mini sessions, to cover the studio rental fee. I love studio sessions because we don't have to work around crazy Texas weather, and the studio designers are SO talented. Most spaces have options for both neutral and seasonal backgrounds. Since time is limited, I'll ask you ahead of time what background you prefer.

Studio mini sessions offer a great value if you're wanting quick, seasonal portraits at a gorgeous indoor location.

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Standard Session

If your schedule is a little crazy, you've already got a location in mind, or you know you're going to want custom artwork, you're probably looking for a standard session. These can be scheduled year round, and are my most versatile sessions. Standard sessions include additional guidance and custom art design/ordering after your session.

Standard sessions are one-outfit, one-locations sessions, and can be used for any portrait types - Seniors, Engagement, Maternity, Newborn, or Family. I don't put a limit on the number of people in a session, but large groups will likely reduce the number of poses and image variety.

Standard sessions are scheduled at your selected time, date, and location.

Sessions can be rescheduled up to 48 hours prior for no additional fee.

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The Membership

Are you in an extra special season of life, and you KNOW you want more than one session? This is the perfect option for expecting mamas wanting maternity, newborn, and first year portraits. It includes up to 4 sessions over an 18 month period.

The Membership is ideal if you're looking for more than one session over an 18 month period.

Sessions can be rescheduled up to 48 hours prior for no additional fee.

Let's Go!

Whether you're looking for a quick, budget friendly family portrait, or a huge gallery with a lot of images, I've got a session for you! If you've still got questions, of if you'd like to get on my schedule, please reach out!