"I wish I could be a princess because princesses stay up all day and all night and ride unicorns"

(Emily, Age 3)

Adding Quotes from your Kids to your Family Photo Album

I took my first photography class when my oldest was less than a year old, because I didn't want to forget each sweet stage, and I wanted to create a beautiful reminder of her childhood. Once she started talking, though, I realized photos would only go so far to capture everything I wanted to remember.

I started recording my favorite things she said in the notes app on my phone.

Ten years later, I've continued the tradition with all five of our kids. At the end of every year, I print a family photo album, with a page dedicated to all of the quotes I have written down. We have a shelf full of these albums, and the quotes page is our favorite to look back on.

"Why is it so quiet when I stop talking?"

(Grace, Age 5)

When kids see new things, their little minds can be so creative!

When Kayla was 3, she found a pencil that hadn't been sharpened. She said, "Look Mom, it's not ripe yet!" She also called her baby sister's umbilical cord her "power cord"

Kayla is now almost 13, and loves looking back on the hilarious (and embarrassing) things she said when she was younger.
Girl at Ft Meyers Beach | Farmersville TX | Family Photo Album

"Let's watch Pokie Nokie! (Pinocchio)"

(Lowen, Age 2)

Sometimes, it's the funny way they pronounce things. One day, they'll say words properly, but I don't want to forget how they sounded when they were little.

Like how Emily would ask for "a tuppie yunnies" when she wanted a couple of raisins. Or how Jenna called her overalls "goggles", and pork chops "pop socks".

It makes me smile to see how the things they said so many years ago gave us a glimpse of who they are now.

Girl with googly glasses | Farmersville TX | Family Photo Album

"When I grow up, I'm going to be a farmer woman, not a lady. Ladies wear fancy dresses, and how can I milk a cow in a fancy dress?"

(Kayla, Age 8)

I also record things they repeat over an over, because I know someday, they won't say it anymore. Years ago, every morning before my husband went to work, our son would tell him to

"Have a great day, and don't get sprayed by a skunk!"

Boy in the mud | Farmersville TX | Family Photo Album

"Jubie was nice to me today! She said my smile was cute!"

(Lowen, Age 4)

Now, we have a decade's worth of books to look through, and laugh about the crazy things the kids said when they were younger. With parenting, some seasons are harder than others, but they all eventually fade into a new one.

If we don't write them down, these precious memories will soon be forgotten.

Documenting quotes from our kids is a sweet way to remember them during each stage of their childhood. So grab your phone, add a note taking app, and start recording the things they say that make you smile, laugh, or roll your eyes!

Want to make your own family photo album?

These days, almost everyone carries a camera in their pocket, but we rarely print our pictures! I started creating annual family photo albums over 10 years ago, and we absolutely LOVE flipping through them. I've tried several different printing companies over the years, but one lab has always delivered the best quality.

My favorite lab for photo books is Printique.

They are based out of New York, and I love supporting US companies. The books have thick lay-flat pages, and the color is always beautiful. Since this is an album I plan on keeping forever, a discount retailer just won't do.

I print a 10x10 hardcover photo book with luster pages. I design my pages in Photoshop, but Printique has a design tool you can use. I sort through all my photos for the year and organize them by season or activity. This makes it really easy to create the pages. I make a goal to have my book completed by March of the next year, so I don't get too far behind.

| Farmersville TX | Family Photo Album
Whether you have a fancy camera, or just the one on your phone, your favorite photos shouldn't get lost in the cloud. Print a yearly family photo album, so you and your family can look back on your sweetest memories whenever you want!

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