Caddo Mills Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

In-Home Newborn Session

Here in Texas, you never know what the weather in February will be. It may be 80 one day, and frozen the next. The morning of Clark's newborn session was cold and rainy! One of my favorite things about in home sessions is that mama doesn't have to worry about getting her kiddos dressed and loaded up for a photo session an hour away. This is especially true out in these more rural areas!

Sweet baby Clark was a dream at his photo session. He looked so handsome in the dusty blue outfit his mama picked out for him.

Since Clark's big sister is a high energy toddler, we did a 'mini' newborn session. We captured some sweet photos of just the kids, and his big sister was so proud to show off her baby brother. Next, we got some wall worthy family portraits. Big sister got to go play with her toys while I took some special photos with just Mom and baby. Sweet Clark was awake and happy the whole time. I absolutely loved spending time with this growing family!

Interested in booking an in-home newborn session?

I recommend taking newborn photos when your baby is 7-14 days old. That is when they tend to be sleepy and content. Send me a message to get more info!