Have you booked an upcoming family photo session, but you aren't sure what to wear?

Don't Stress!

Follow these simple guidelines to select outfits for your entire family that will result in timeless photos you'll love. You don't have to run out and spend a fortune on new clothes your kids will probably never wear again. Start with clothes you already own and love, and build from there.

First Thought....

Where will you display these photos?

The first thing you should consider is where these photos will be displayed. If you're just using them on a Christmas card, or on social media, you have a lot more flexibility.

If your goal is a family portrait you can hang above the fireplace mantel, think of the colors in your living room. Pick colors that coordinate with your decor.

Let's Get Started...

First step:

Pick your Colors

For fall and winter, I LOVE picking from earthy neutral colors. This will give your portraits a timeless feel, look great with any background, and you probably have many of these colors in your wardrobe already!

I suggest picking 3-4 colors, with a variety of light and dark. Mix and match the colors among the people in your photo.

If you are going to add an optional pop of color, focus on small accessories, like a hair-bow for a little girl, or fun jewelry for Mom.

"If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"

Seriously, this is absolutely true for family photos. I always suggest that Mom picks her outfit first. Mamas, pick an outfit that you feel confident and beautiful in. That may be a flowy maxi dress, or jeans and a fitted shirt. Try to stay within the general rules below when selecting your clothes, so you are sure to pick something that photographs well. If you go with a patterned outfit, pull from those colors to select outfits for the rest of your family.

General Guidelines for all Portraits

Avoid Logos and large prints

Having large logos or bold prints can be overwhelming in photos. If you're going to wear patterns, smaller prints photograph the best.

I suggest limiting patterns to one member of your group.

Choose colors that photograph well

Avoid neon colors, and having everyone wear all black or all white. You should aim to dress your family in COORDINATING colors, not the SAME color.

If you'd like feedback on your outfit choices, feel free to send me a message!

Make sure to iron your clothes

I'm not one to get our iron out often, but coming to your session with clean, pressed clothes is SO important! Slight wrinkles can be smoothed during editing, so don't stress about perfection.

Don't forget your shoes!

In most cases, your shoes will be visible in the photos. Pick clean, nice shoes that coordinate with your outfit.

For outdoor photos, we usually have to hike a bit to get to the photo spot. If you're going to wear heels, I suggest bringing comfortable shoes you can slip on while we walk.

Final Thoughts

My goal for your family portraits is to capture your unique personalities, and the special bond you share. Pick outfits that you love and feel comfortable in. Follow these simple guidelines to style your family in a way that will result in timeless images that showcase YOU!

Feel free to send me a message if you've got questions about finding the perfect outfits for your group!